Why choose CEL?

We provide a professional services to the electrical contracting industry nationwide. The company is well established and has earned for being cost effective, confidential and punctual.

Why choose CEL instead of emplying an Estimator?

We guarantee our charges will be in line with you employing an in house electrical estimator. We can work exclusively for your Company or in addition to your existing estimating resources. You only use us when you need our services and without permanently increasing your overheads.

What are your costs?

Our fees can be charged by the hour, on a percentage basis of the contract value, or we can give a you a cost quotation before any work is started on a project.

We can guarantee our charges will be in line with you employing an in house electrical estimator.

We offer all our customers a "No Pay Policy" If you are not satisfied with the estimate we produce, we will not ask for payment,

What prices are used in estimate reports?

Estimates are produced quickly and accurately and use the highly respected LUCKINS price and products data, which is updated weekly.

How is the estimate presented?

Electronically in excel format.

Do material costs include discounts?

Can you incorporate our preferential discounts?

Do you obtain specified manufacturers quotations?

Do you include a labour rate on the report?

Do you charge for alterations and amendments after completion?

Do you keep the documentation after completion of the report?

I am interested in your service - what do I do now?

  1. Call CEL to discuss your requirements on 07875 050175
  2. Post, Email or provide us with a CD of your tender documents to us
  3. We send out for all the quotes and sub-contract packages - specified suppliers or our own
  4. We will lift off quantities from drawings and measure linear items
  5. Liaise with you over site visits and queries
  6. Prepare a tender letter with commercial and technical qualifications
  7. Provide you with estimate reports; schedule of rates, section list, estimate take off and final page

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